Rotating Equipment Handbook Pdf


The series objective is to present, in User friendly (easy to access), practical terms (using familiar analogies), the key facts concerning rotating equipment design basis, operation, maintenance, installation and condition monitoring to enable the reader (Engineer, Operator and Millwright) to: 

• Understand the effect of process and environmental changes on equipment operation, maintenance and reliability 

• Condition Monitor equipment on a component basis to optimize up-time, mean time between failure (MTBF) and mean time to repair (MTTR) 

• Select, audit and test the Equipment that will produce highest safety and reliability in the field for the lowest life cycle cost. 


The hope is that the knowledge contained in this series will enable Plant Operations, Maintenance and Engineering Personnel to easily access the material that will allow them to present their recommendations to management to solve existing costly problems and produce new projects of optimum reliability. 

This volume presents the operation of pumps in a process system (using the concept of pump required and produced head), pump selection for cost effective maximum reliability, eliminating hydraulic disturbances in the design and field operation phases, control and protection, practical component monitoring of performance, bearing, seal and auxiliary system condition to assure optimum pump safety and reliability.

The topics covers by the book is


  1. Introduction, Pages 1-5  
  2. Pump types and applications, Pages 7-24  
  3. Pump characteristics—positive displacement vs centrifugal (kinetic), Pages 
  4. Operation of a pump in a process system, Pages 37-42 
  5. pump performance data, Pages 43-52 
  6. The concept of pump head, Pages 53-62 
  7. Pump selection, Pages 63-84 
  8. Centrifugal pump hydraulic disturbances, Pages 85-107 
  9. centrifugal pump testing, Pages 109-122 
  10. Pump mechanical design, Pages 123-141 
  11. Mechanical seals, Pages 143-159 
  12. Pump control and protection, Pages 161-178 
  13. Conversion to metric system, Pages 179-190

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