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We have the resources, knowledge, and experience of industrial operations to assist in developing the most basic ideas into workable designs, assess alternatives, understand the impact of these alternatives and provide comprehensive design solutions for projects entrusted to us.

We provide design, detailed engineering, procurement support, and construction project management services for a variety of industrial projects having diverse portfolios, thus have the in-depth knowledge base to pull from, to meet the specific needs of individual projects.

We have a very big educational resources gallery exclusively for young Engineers and Architects. This website is started with the idea to help to engineering students to build their career easier and faster, with good information and resources. To emerge as a World class Digital Library, Elucidating the Civil engineering subject for students at the global level in its Immensity, Novelty, and Depth, perceiving the responsibility to transform the learning process towards Eco-friendly options.


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    This is from in China. We specialized in enameled wire for 18 years, with the customers from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Türkiye, South Korea, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, etc, about 7-10 containers per week. etc., and we hope to find a way to cooperate with you!

    Products and sized we offer:
    01.Enameled Round Aluminum/Copper Wire 0.18mm-6.50mm 130/155/180/200/220C
    02.Enameled Flat Aluminum/Copper Wire a: 0.9-5.60m b: 2-16mm 130/180/200/220C
    03.Paper Covered Flat Aluminum/Copper Wire a:1-8mm b:3-20mm

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