Alignment Training Pdf


Course Objectives

1. Describe the use of precision measuring equipment during package leveling and alignment checks

2. Have the necessary knowledge and skills to complete the leveling of a Solar package as part of the package commissioning activities

3. Describe the basic principles of machinery alignment


4. Locate and be able to apply sources of alignment information found on a Solar project

5. Complete practical exercises on test-rigs (shaft alignment simulators) to gain familiarity with alignment procedures and equipment

6. Complete practical exercises on actual turbine packages to align engines and driven equipment to within Solar specifications

List of Lessons and Appendices


• LESSON 1 – Precision Measuring Equipment

• LESSON 2 – Package Leveling

• LESSON 3 – Principles Of Machinery Alignment

• LESSON 4 – Solar Alignment Information

• LESSON 5 – Solar Alignment Techniques

• LESSON 6 – Simulator Exercises

• LESSON 7 – Package Alignment Exercises

• APPENDIX A – Glossary of Terms

• APPENDIX B – Alignment Specifications and Readings for Lesson 6 Exercises

• APPENDIX C – Alignment Specifications and Readings for Lesson 7 Exercise


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