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Handbook Of Mechanical Engineering Design


This book was developed from classroom notes prepared in connection with junior–senior under-graduate courses in mechanical design, machine design, mechanical engineering design, and engineering design and analysis. The scope of this book is wider than any other book on the subject. 


In addition to its applicability to mechanical engineering, and to some extent, aerospace, agricultural, and nuclear engineering, and applied engineering mechanics curricula, I have endeavored to make this book useful to practicing engineers as well. 


This book offers a simple, comprehensive, and methodical presentation of the fundamental concepts and principles in the design and analysis of machine components and basic structural members.

Tables of contents:

Section 1 : Fundamentals 

1). Introduction
2). Materials
3). Stress And Strain
4). Deflection And Impact
5). Energy Method And Stability

Section 2: Failure Prevention 

6). Static Failure Criteria and Reliability
7). Fatigue Failure Criteria
8). Surface Failure 

Section 3: Machine Component Design

9). Shafts and Associated Parts
10). Bearings and Lubrication
11). Spur Gears
12). Helical, Bevel, and Worm Gears
13). Belts, Chains, Clutches, and Brakes
14). Springs
15). Power Screws, Fasteners, and Connections
16). Miscellaneous Mechanical Components
17). Finite Element Analysis in Design
18). Case Studies in Machine Design

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