Dimensioning and Tolerancing Handbook


Overview of Book :


Between the covers of this remarkable text one can experience, at near warp speed, a journey through the cosmos of subject matter dealing with dimensioning and tolerancing of mechanical products. The editor, as one of the contributing authors, has aptly summarized the content broadly as “about product variation.” The contained chapters proceed then to wend their way through the various subjects to achieve that end. Under the individual pens of the authors, the wisdom, experience, writing style, and extensive research on each of the concerned topics presents the subject details with a unique richness.The authors, being widely renowned and respected in their fields of endeavor, combine to present a priceless body of knowledge available at the fingertips of the reader. 

List of Contents :


1. Quality Thrust 

2. Dimensional Management  

3. Tolerancing Optimization Strategies 

4. Drawing Interpretation 

5. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 

6. Differences Between US Standards and Other Standards 

7. Mathematical Definition of Dimensioning and Tolerancing Principles 

8. Statistical Tolerancing 

9. Traditional Approaches to Analyzing Mechanical Tolerance Stacks 


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