Shaft Alignment Pdf

What is coupling alignment?


  • Coupling alignment is shaft alignment. If the shafts are aligned, the couplings will normally go along for the ride.
Types of Couplings

  • Rigid – usually must be aligned to very close tolerances. Think of it as solidly bolting one shaft to another.
  • Flexible – uses one or more elements to connect the shafts.
  • Mechanical Elastomeric Metallic These can tolerate slightly more misalignment, thermal changes, and shock.

  • Shafts in this same straight line are considered co-linear, or in the same straight line.
Types of Misalignment
  • Offset, or Parallel – the shafts are parallel to each other, but are not co-planar, or in the same plane. This can be both vertical and horizontal.
  • Angular – the shafts are not in the same plane, which causes a difference in measurement between measurements made 180 degrees opposite on the coupling faces.

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