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Pump Cavitation And Solutions Pdf


Introduction Of Document:

Pump cavitation occurs when the pressure in a pump drops below the vapor pressure of the fluid, causing the formation of vapor bubbles that collapse when they enter a higher pressure region, causing damage to the pump and reducing its efficiency.


Cavitation can occur in any type of pump, including centrifugal, positive displacement, and jet pumps, and can be caused by a variety of factors, such as low suction pressure, high fluid viscosity, and excessive pump speed.

Symptoms of pump cavitation may include noise, vibration, reduced pump performance, and damage to pump components such as impellers and seals. Preventing pump cavitation involves addressing the underlying causes, which may include adjusting the system flow rate, improving suction conditions, or modifying the pump design or speed.
Regular maintenance and inspection of the pump can help detect and prevent cavitation, and remedies may include adjusting system flow rates, increasing suction pressure, or replacing damaged components.

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  1. Well, cavitation it is not when vapor cavities form when there is low available pressure at the inlet side. It is when those vapor cavities pass to the exit side of the pump, where the pressure increases again, and then the vapor bubbles colapse.

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