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Handbook Of Thermal Engineering


This book is intended primarily for Engineering and Technology students and covers the fundamentals of the applied Thermal Engineering syllabus for a degree course in various Indian Universities and colleges. The subject of thermal engineering as a core course tangent to the aggressive students of all disciplines of engineering colleges and universities. 


The subject is important as it covers the basic principles of thermal engineering aspects which are essential for the analysis of practical problems relating to heat and work and their mutual interconversions. Now-a-days its scope is wide, and hence, its applications are extensive. The basic concepts of temperature, pressure, heat, work, entropy, reversibility and availability are explained well to grasp for an average student at a short interval of time.

Tables Of Contents:


  1. Principles of Steam Engineering
  2. Steam Nozzles
  3. Vapour Power Cycles
  4. Steam Turbines
  5. Fuels and Combustion
  6. Internal Combustion Engines
  7. Gas Power Cycles
  8. Gas Turbines
  9. Air Compressors


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